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A Trip to Sarehole Mill

6 November 2014

On Thursday 6th November, we had an educational visit to Sarehole Mill. In our topic, we are learning about rivers and wildlife. We enjoyed our activities like– bird watching, mini-beasts capturing and exploring into the river.

We learnt about different leaves and mini-beasts and how they survive in the wild. We went pond dipping to experiment in what happens and what affects the rivers speed. We put a measuring stick into the water to see what depth it was and then we put a stick onto the water and see how fast it moves. We noticed that the depth of the river does effect the speed, the more depth it has, the less rapid it is.

We also went to search for leaves and went exploring. We found loads of different leaves like– Holly, Ivy, Sycamore and the Maple. We had a few funny moments like when we fell into mud, but that was all part of our learning and now we know that around rivers it would be a muddy environment.

Along the way, we leant about different features of a river; examples of erosion, deposition, tributaries, meanders and fords. Luckily we learnt how to find our way using a map and compass so that we could get back to the centre. We enjoyed the adventurous trip and we hope that all wildlife there will be protected and well cared for.

Memories of Sarehole Mill...

At Sarehole Mill we took part in many different activities such as pond dipping, bird watching and searching for insects. I joined in with the stick race which told us how fast each part of the river was flowing. My favourite part of the day was being able to walk in the river.

by Lauren

I enjoyed pond dipping and catching a small fish. It was wonderful to see the power of the water making the wheels spin in order to grind the wheat. It was good to have the opportunity to walk in the river and have a stick race. I really enjoyed our trip to Sarehole Mill.

by Reef