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A Visit to Oscott College

27 June 2012

On Wednesday 27th June, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Oscott College. Arriving at the entrance of the college we were greeted with a warm handshake and a happy 'Hello' to start the day.

First of all, we were split into two groups. Our group leader was Brendon along with Craig, Neil, Shaun and Dominic who were our guides for the day. Following introductions we were taken to a room where Brendon chose a volunteer from the group which was Cavan, to act out celebrating the Mass as though he was a priest. We all had to answer questions about how the priest (Cavan) prayed the Eucharist. After that we all read a little prayer together before going onto our next activity.

Entering the Chapel which was huge and impressive, we all sat on the benches which were arranged differently to our school Church benches in St Thomas More. Dominic told us the history of the Chapel and how it is dedicated to Mary the Mother of Jesus, including how a rose pattern window behind the altar representing Mary.

After that we had playtime on the College grounds, then we went to the main hall where we discovered what we were going to do next, my favourite activity visiting the Museum which was full of different kinds of precious artefacts. We had a question sheet to fill in about the artefacts.

At the end, all the schools taking part in the visit had an amazing Mass, which we all liked as it gave us time to reflect and think about our Confirmation which would take place the very next day.

by Anique and Sebastian