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Alton Castle

10 to 12 September 2014

From the 10th of September to the 12th of September, Year 6 from our school visited Alton Castle and we were joined by Year 6 children from St Mary's.

We took this opportunity to prepare for our Confirmation later in the school year. All together, my group (Croxden) enjoyed and experienced five different activities. All of our fun took place in Staffordshire, Alton, and our theme for the two days was Discipleship. After every activity, we had time to meditate.

When I arrived at school in the early morning, everyone was buzzing, peevishly, with excitement. I didn't look forward to the coach journey though, because it was going to take quite a while. However, I ended up enjoying our journey to Alton Castle because Mr Pitcher entertained everyone by attempting the Malteaser Challenge! He managed to fit forty-six in his mouth at the same time!

When we arrived at our destination, we passed all of the fields and playgrounds we were going to enjoy our activities in. Straight away, everyone ran up to their room and chose beds and wardrobes. Luckily, my dorm had it's own corridor and staircase. I loved this because at night, we (Hollie, Lauren, Lilyann, Anneise, Laila and myself) could make as much noise as we wanted and no-one heard us!

After we sorted out our beds we were put into activity groups. Fortunately, all six from my dorm were chosen to work and play in 'Croxden', which meant we didn't have to tell each other what, excitedly, happened in the day; due to us being in the same group and doing the same thing.

Our first activity was survival. We learnt the importance of shelter, water, warmth and food. Our second activity was a through the woods 'Nightline Adventure. This activity was about trusting the people in front and behind you – the scary bit was the hungry lake waiting to swallow you up at the bottom.

At night it was funny, yet scary. I was the last one awake. At half-past three in the morning due to unusually loud, banging noises - right next to my head!

Trekking was our next activity and it was great fun and adventurous yet I couldn't feel my feet by the end. After tea Father Michael celebrated Mass in the Church and we were joined by Sister Susan, Mrs McHugh, Mrs Doherty and Miss Ryan. It was a prayerful celebration and we enjoyed a disco after the Mass. Our night activity was mountain climbing. Today tired out everyone in my dorm out and we drifted straight off to sleep: at midnight!

You could tell everyone was upset to leave on the last day; my group set off to do archery. This activity was by far my favourite because I hit three bull-eyes! Leaving was sad, though I'd definitely want this great experience again.

To conclude, I would confidently admit that I became closer to God during my stay at the castle; spiritually in my heart and soul. In conclusion to all the fun I had, I would (100%) recommend this trip to people, especially children, who are going to the castle next year.

by Casey