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Alton Castle

9 to 11 September 2015

My trip to Alton Castle provided me with a lot of things especially that I am not as good at climbing hills as I thought. My trip could be summed up in two words "breath-taking" and "memorable". It importantly made me think about being a better disciple of Christ and my forthcoming Confirmation which I am looking forward to.


Today was the big day, I couldn't wait; we were finally going to Alton Castle, all the months of waiting boiled down to this day! Everyone was waiting in the hall for the coach to arrive whilst taking pictures, talking (excitedly) and going through our groups. Finally the coach arrived, we loaded our bags on the coach, waved goodbye to our parents and we were on our way. The two hours we took to go to Alton Castle almost felt like one hour! When we arrived at Alton Castle we were all astonished as it was much larger than we expected it to be. Everyone was given a brief tour of their rooms before a tour of the building. I enjoyed the games room the most as it was very large. Next we went into the Earth Room, it was time for our first activity. Our first activity was, archery we had four minutes to get ready. I started walking to the archery field with my group; Charley-Rose, Kya, Riley, Libby C, Jack M, Amaris, Samantha, Aiden, Tom K, Harry, Oliver and Isabel H and when we reached the field we started our activity straight away.

Our group had a great time with Sarah and Mya. When we arrived back it was time for dinner; dinner couldn't be better. After dinner we decided to have an early night because we had a big day ahead of us. Anastasia decided to wake; Emily, Winny, Kacey, Angelina, Alana and myself up. We went back to sleep at around 1am.


We got woken up around 8am, had breakfast and started to get dressed for our next activity which was bike riding I was vey excited. To sum up bike riding I would say "Hard" it definitely proved to me I am not as great at riding as I thought I was. By the time we arrived back it was lunch. This lunch I would say was the best food we had there I think. I was actually more interested about our free time afterwards! After free time we then had six minutes to get ready for survival. I would say survival was the best activity there; we made shelters and made a fire for us to make hot chocolate. I would say survival was also the quickest activity it was only thirty minutes long. We arrived back ready for tea. After tea we had more free time but we also had to get ready for Mass. During free time Sister Susan and our teachers arrived for Mass (when they arrived everyone's behaviour was different.) We had hymn practice before the Mass. At Mass it was great we even got to experience receiving the wine. It was a very special time and I reflected in the beautiful Church After Mass we started our disco. At the disco we did the Macarena, Cha Cha slide, and played party games.

We had so much fun we wished our visit would never end. Before bedtime we had night prayer which was beautiful, thanking God for all His blessings. We all drifted off to sleep. All except Anastasia…


This was the saddest day of our time at the amazing castle, we had to leave; the thought was devastating. We had morning prayer after breakfast. After breakfast we immediately had our last activity which was; the trench it was fun we even got to roll down hills and have a cat walk. Sadly, we had lunch and then had to leave. On the way back to school Emily and I were fast asleep as we were tired from all our activities and lack of sleep. We arrived safely back to school; Friday 11th September 2015 at 4pm.This trip will stay in my memory forever.

by Adaeze