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An Exciting Trip to the HSBC Bank

12 October 2011

On Wednesday 12th October 2011, as part as Maths and Science week, a selection of hard working children had the opportunity to visit HSBC bank in Solihull.

The day was filled with excitement and laughter! At approximately 9:45 we left school for our wonderful day out. As we travelled on the bus we thought of some questions we would like to ask our tour guide. When we reached the HSBC Bank, our lovely leader Sandra gave us a friendly welcome.

During our time at the bank we had the opportunity to take a tour round the bank and observe what all the workers do. Whilst visiting the bank, we realised that maths is very important for our future in education as we use it daily throughout our lives.

There were many good parts of the tour around the HSBC Bank. However, the most exciting and enjoyable part, that everyone liked best, was when we had the experience of holding lots of money! The money was kept behind a large, thick security door which needed to be very secure as there was around £200, 000 held in the safe.

Overall, the experience was amazing and we are all proud that we were specially picked to take part in this trip.

By Megan, Amy and Katie, Year 6