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Apprentice Week

15 to 19 June 2015

A challenge was set for the Year 6 pupils. Lord Sugar had invited us to market and sell a unique product or business idea throughout Apprentice Week.

In preparation for this week we participated in a Dragon's Den Workshop which helped us to improve our marketing and selling skills. Each group that participated received £5.00 to boost their business.

The stalls varied from cookies and cakes, to sports activities and sponge throwing!

There were eight groups in total; about six people in each group. In the group everyone had a role like team leader or accountant. In addition, the people who ran the sponge throwing stall also had a health and safety manager.

When the week finally came, everyone was given two free tokens and a chance to purchase additional tokens as well. To buy something from a stall, you had to use your given tokens.

All of the stalls were a huge success, and everybody together raised over £300! All through the week, sales were recorded and checked by the accountant, just so that the prices were accurate.

Overall it was a great week, and everyone had fun, (even the hardworking people behind the scenes!) All the money raised went to Cancer Research, so that they can hopefully find a new treatment for the people in need.

Congratulations to our winning team 'Tommy More Record Breakers' and thank you to all who helped to raise money during this special week.

by Mollie and Stefan