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Apprentice Week

14 to 19 June 2016

In preparation for Apprentice Week, we participated in a Dragon's Den Workshop which helped us to improve our marketing and selling skills. It helped us to understand the features and benefits of products.

Lucy and Alisha, who work for Explore Learning, taught us all of the tactics - such as product tag line and prices. There were different types of products that we worked with to impress the Dragons like: Table Tidy and Dustpan Slippers. The Dragons were very impressed with our sales pitch!

For our Apprentice Challenge each group was given £5 to spend in order to buy stock. We firstly presented our PowerPoints, telling 'Lord Sugar' (Sister Susan), about what our business idea was. The ideas varied: cakes and shakes to guess the Teddy Bear. There were eight groups and around six children in each group. Each team had different roles like Accountant and Team Leader.

All the stalls were a huge success and it was a very enjoyable experience. Amazingly, the Year 6's made around £275.

Overall everyone had a great week and it helped us to understand how hard it is for adults to go to work!