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Back-to-Back Houses

16 March 2010

To help bring History learning to life and to develop their understanding of local history, Year 5 visited the Back-to-Back houses in Birmingham which are part of the National Trust.

Pupils dressed as Victorian school children before learning what daily life would have been like for children at the time. They saw first-hand the cramped living conditions that were endured with up to ten family members living in a one bedroom house before learning about the creatures that also shared the Victorian home such as mice, crickets and bed bugs.

Children were shocked and surprised at finding out what 'washday' was really like. The thought of having to carry buckets of water from the tap to the wash house and then having to get out of bed at five in the morning to put the 'copper' on to heat, filled the children with dread. The pupils also had the opportunity to use a 'posher' to clean clothes as well as rolling up paper and lighting a fire.

A great day out!