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Big Bang Science Show

14 March 2014

On Friday 14th March several children from Year 1 to Year 6 visited the NEC for the Big Bang Science Show to take part in a range of scientific activities and learn more about the role of Science in our everyday lives.

Here is a Year 3 pupil's recount of the day:

"At the Science Show we enjoyed the Hydrogen demonstration, where a man showed us fireworks. The first one was just a spark but as time went the bangs got longer and louder. The man used black powder (gun powder) and flash powder. The black powder didn't make much noise, but the flash powder was very loud and created a lot of smoke. We learned what chemical reaction was taking place to make the explosions.

Next we went to the rocket making workshop. I worked with Courtney and our rocket went over the bar on the roof. It flew well because our rocket had curved wings and spikes on the bottom of them.

After that we took part in another rocket making exercise, but this time with pasta and marshmallows everyone put a piece on but our rocket didn't work. Next we went to see some robots we had to try to pick up a ball with it but it seemed impossible to use.

After lunch we went to make badges mine said 'I want to be a engineer'. We also saw the fastest car in the world which can go up to 1000mph!Near the end we were challenged to design our own cars with wheels and sticks. We had a great experience of Science!".