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Christmas Craft Workshops

24 November, 2 and 9 December 2014

We had a wonderful response again this year to our three Christmas Craft Workshops, where both children and parents were very eager to see what we would be making.

Would it be a reindeer decoration, a Christmas wreath, a Christmas stocking, a Christmas lantern, or a Christmas bracelet? Not forgetting the card making table where the children could make their own cards from a variety of excellent resources.

Everyone had a fun time and were very proud of the things they had made, as the photographs and feedback show:

"We have really enjoyed the session, very proud of the reindeer decoration. Thank you!"

"The workshop was very fun. The children had a great time with loads of lovely things to do. Thank you!"

"Really loved making the stocking using the glitter and loved being able to spend time making things with Mommy!"

"What a lovely session to start Christmas! Our reindeer was very delicate but we got there in the end. We had lots of fun with all the sticking! Thank you!"

"The workshop was very good. We both really enjoyed it!"

"Another amazing event. Fabulous organisation and a lovely time spent with my son!"

"We had a wonderful time making things with my son. Thank you."

"A really good workshop. We built a lantern and a snowman card."

"I loved making everything with my Nan."

"I made a snowman card and a bracelet. It was fun."

"I made a lantern and snowman all by myself."

"I think it was brilliant. I loved doing everything."