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Primary School

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Commitment Mass

19 October 2013

At the start of their preparation to receive the sacraments, the children in Years 3 and 6 came to a special Mass of Commitment in our Church where they made promises which will help them focus on the important steps they are making on their Journey of Faith.

The children promised to prepare well to receive the Sacraments and become closer to Jesus

Parents, sponsors and teachers also promised to guide and support these young people during their time of preparation.

During the renewal of Baptismal Promises the children held their lit baptismal candles as they made the promises for themselves. The children prayed for their parents who brought them to be baptised and asked that we will pray for them in the weeks and months ahead.

Picture 1 Leading the introduction to the Mass.
Picture 2 A three part reading from the Prophet Isaiah
Picture 3 The children sing the Responsorial Psalm,
Picture 4 The children renewing the promises
Picture 5 Acting the Gospel about the Judge and the widow
Picture 6 Leading one of our Bidding Prayers.