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Confirmation Mass Reflection

7 July 2018


On Saturday the 7th of July Year 6 made their Confirmation at St Thomas More Church. During the Mass we received the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and became adult members of the Church.


Before the Mass I felt very nervous but excited . We had been preparing nearly all year and now we would be finally receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. We both picked our best dresses and started getting ready. On that day it was the quarter finals of the World Cup and England were playing so lots of people watched the game.


At 05:00 I headed out to the school . I came in with my sponsor fairly early and we sat down in the hall waiting patiently . Soon , lots of people started to arrive and finally the last person arrived so we lined up and processed into church. We sat down in our benches and waited for the Mass to begin.


At the Confirmation Mass, first we sang our opening hymn which was ‘Spirit may our lives be blest,’ as we brought up the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in dedicated bags which had our explanations of each gift in. They placed then carefully on the altar rails and processed back to their benches.


Father John welcomed the Bishop and then it was time for the introduction which was read by three of the children, and it welcomed the Bishop to our Confirmation Mass.


Now it was time for the liturgy of the Word, the first reading was about not being greedy and to be strong when you are weak. Reverently, the psalm group went up to do their part. They sang a lovely song about the Coming of the Holy Spirit. Then, two of the boys acted out the Second Reading. Then, the Gospel acclamation was sung, followed by the Gospel.


The Confirmandi (us) then stood up with our Baptismal Candles to renew our Baptismal Promises as we were too young to do it when we were getting baptised.


Bishop Robert then spread his hands over us and prayed that we will receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Bishop Robert then set himself ready so that he could confirm us. We all went up one by one to get confirmed with our sponsors and the Bishop said; be sealed with gifts of the holy spirit. We answered Amen. After he said; ‘Peace be with you’ and we said ‘and with your spirit.’ Words couldn't describe how happy I was when he placed the Oil of Chrism on my head and I walked back to my bench.


Mass then carried on as usual so we had the Bidding Prayers The Offertory Gifts were brought up to the altar and the Bishop prayed to the Holy Spirit so that the bread and wine could become the Body and Blood of Christ.

We reverently received Jesus in Holy Communion and soon our special Mass was drawing to a close. I felt so calm and peaceful. I knew that the Holy Spirit had entered into my life. As we sang our final hymn ‘We’ll Walk the Land’ I knew that the memories of this day will live on in my heart.

by Ava