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Primary School

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Confirmation Reflection

27 June 2013

Our joyful day started with a special event, the Baptism of Nathan and his sister Tia. This was a wonderful event as they were welcomed into our parish. We witnessed them wearing a white garment, being anointed with the oil of chrism and being cleansed of original sin. We all watched proudly as our classmate took his first step on his faith journey.

On the afternoon of our special day the Bishop visited us in our classroom to prepare us for the sacrament we would receive later that evening. Bishop Philip brought with him many challenging questions which we were expected to answer in full using all our knowledge. He was hard to please, expecting the best of us in all our answers. We tried our hardest to answer to the best of our abilities. He was very impressed with our extensive knowledge about our faith and the Holy Spirit. Assured that we were ready for the evening Mass he left along with Father John.

After school we went home to prepare ourselves for the evening. We got our smart outfits together and made ourselves look beautiful and sensible for this fabulous celebration.

I was very excited as this was a very special and important occasion and all my family and friends were going to be there to support me.

Before our celebration both Year 6 classes gathered in the school hall with their sponsors looking handsome and beautiful. We collected a small card which was given to Father John in the Mass. Joyfully everyone chatted and took photographs. Despite the happiness in the room, some people were nervous but soon were calm and ready.

The teachers lined us with our sponsors, ready to process into the Church. We all walked into Church reverently and filled the pews with happy singing faces.

Our Mass started with a lovely introduction read by Leo and then I read the First Reading which was all about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Following, the Psalm 'Send forth your Spirit' was sung beautifully, the second reading was then read.

As the Mass progressed it was soon time for us to be anointed with the Oil of Chrism and to receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Before that we renewed our Baptismal Promises. We did this whilst holding lit candles which linked us to our Baptism. This made me feel, more like an adult, because we could firmly say that we believe in our faith and understand it.

After that the Bishop said the important prayer which calls upon the Holy Spirit. It was an extremely special moment as we were being offered to God and our sponsors were there to show Bishop Pargeter that we were ready to become adult Christians.

The Bishop traced the sign of the cross on our foreheads with the Oil of Chrism and we received the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We went back to our bench and prayed reverently, I thought about the gifts I had just received and how I could use these gifts to bear fruit in my life.

Before the end of the Mass, we received the Body of Christ which was blessed at the altar; this helped me to contemplate about the gifts I had just received.

Finally the Mass ended; with a joyful hymn (We'll walk the land.) The Bishop and Father John, followed by the altar servers went into the sacristy but they soon came out again for our group photo. Before that I went over to my family and hugged them all, with such joy in my heart.

After the reverent and wonderful Mass I gathered with my family at home and had a small party to celebrate the great feeling in my heart.

by Olivia