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1 July 2017

'You also became God's people when you heard the true message, the Good News that brought you salvation. You believed in Christ, and God put his stamp of ownership on you by giving you the Holy Spirit he had promised.' Ephesians 1:13

Saturday 1st of July was a very vital day, yet so hectic! On that day, I received the wonderful Sacrament of Confirmation, a truly amazing experience: bringing me closer to God.

Before the Mass

Hours before, my mom and dad went to pick up my Confirmation cake, which looked amazing. Then, we headed home with an hour to get ready! I went up stairs, got ready into my clothes and started on my hair. I decided that I wanted to do a plait and curl the rest of my hair. Sadly, I burnt my head, when using the curling wand. I felt excited in the car, on the way to school. Me and my nan (Sponsor) went into the hall for the Sponsor meeting and to line up. After the talk we lined up; sponsor led out first as we were to process into the Church ready for the Mass.


The Confirmandi’s processed into Church into their places. To my surprise, Jason—the leader from our Oscott College trip— was there to help celebrate the Mass. The Gift bags went up to the altar and were placed down carefully on the altar rails. We were welcomed into the Church and heard the Introduction to our Mass – read by Nadia, Steve and Shay. Next was the Penitential Act, where we say sorry for our sins. The 1st reading was read by Harrison and acted out by: Evie, Jake, Lambros and Cebastian. It was about Alisha, a holy man -who ate tea with a married couple– that was a prophet. Send forth your Spirit Lord was sang by choir members for the Psalm. Keira clearly read the second reading, which was about sin and how we die with Jesus. Next was the Gospel and then the Homily from Bishop Robert Byrne, sharing with us his thoughts on the meaning of the Gifts we were shortly to receive.

For our intentions, the Bishop prayed so that we could receive the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Subsequently, all members of Year 6,at the Church, went down to the altar; we were Anointed with Chrism, while our sponsor had their right hand on our right shoulder. The Bishop said ‘Be sealed with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Anastasia,’ and I replied ‘Amen and then he said ‘Peace be with you,’ and then I said ‘And with your spirit.’ Afterwards, I felt joyous and ready to live my life with the marvellous gifts. I knew the Holy Spirit would come to me and help me, whenever I needed it most. Next were the Bidding Prayers: they were read by Me, Sophie, Roseanna, Dominic, Lois, Ciaran and Abigail. My prayer was for Bishop Byrne, all priests and Pope Francis. The offertory people gave the offertory gifts to the Bishop on the altar. All knelt down and the Eucharistic and the Lord’s Prayer was prayed. The Sign of Peace was offered to people around us- like Jesus did to His disciples. My Sponsor and I went up to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. I am very thankful that I am a Christian. After the ceremony, I felt closer to God and Jesus. I felt like I had received the amazing gifts– all of a sudden.

Family Celebration

After the Mass, I had a meal with my family– at a Carvery and it was very nice; my family congratulated me. I received gifts, which I am most grateful for and will use them to help others.

by Courtney