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Cooking Workshops with the NHS

November 2015

We have been working with the NHS to try to make our school a healthier school and educate and encourage children and parents to eat healthily.

The children in Year 3 and Year 3/4 have had the opportunity to take part in a cooking workshop with their parents over a five week period, which focused on making quick, easy, healthy and delicious meals at home.

Julia, a qualified nutritionist, visited our school each Monday and taught parents and children about the importance of a balanced diet and the harm sugar causes to our teeth and bodies in general. Children were shocked to learn how much sugar daily snacks and fizzy pop contain.

Together with their parents children cooked a range of dishes including fishcakes, spaghetti bolognese, avocado salsa and humus. All of these were made from fresh ingredients and contained very little sugar. Now children have learned basic chopping and slicing skills and can help their parents prepare healthy meals at home.

Some parents and children in Year 2 will be taking part in the cooking programme next February, we hope they enjoy it as much as Year 3 and Year 3/4.