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Diamond Jubilee Celebration

2 October 2013

To celebrate our Diamond Jubilee each class enjoyed learning about the history of our school and experienced a range of different activities throughout the day. After school the children stayed for a 1950-1960's style disco organised by the PTA.

In Reception the children experienced school life from 60 years ago. They learnt about how the school has changed over the years and enjoyed looking at different photos of past pupils and teachers.

The children enjoyed making party hats and cards to for their party in the afternoon where they had lots of food and dancing.

The children in Key Stage 1 had lots of fun on our celebration day. We talked about what life would have been like for children in 1953, and what sort of things they would have been learning. The children also had the opportunity to play with some of the toys that would have been used during that time.

The day ended in a party where all of the children got to dress in clothes from the 2000's and the 1990's. We had a great day!

Phase 3-4 went back in time to the 70's and 80's. All the staff and children enjoyed rediscovering the flares, white suits, rah-rah skirts and leg warmers that set those decades apart.

To give the children a real taste of the times we made Angel Delight and Dream Topped Trifle. They shared a themed buffet including that Generation Game favourite the fondue. The children loved them!

The day was organised as an activity circuit, with old fashioned board games including Mastermind, Blockbusters and even a Neighbours game. Outside Mrs Maher and Mrs Poole played 'Seven's up the Wall' skipped and hula hooped. Miss Delaney danced her feet off teaching the children to dance to some old classics, whilst Miss Cosgrove created smiley and peace badges.

In the afternoon we had the pleasure of interviewing Bev Bevan from ELO to find out what life was really like for a true life 70's and 80's pop star. A truly groovy, magic day!

Year 5 went back in time to the 60's! All of the children enjoyed rediscovering the iconic fashion and hairstyles of this decade.

To give the children a real taste of the times, we had a class party in which the children were able to experience the wonderful music of Billy Fury and the legendary band, the Beatles; not forgetting the wonderful sound of Lu Lu!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and eagerly embraced the spirit of the celebrations.

On Jubilee day Year 6 dressed in clothes from the 1950s. In the 1950's, fashion was stylish and funky! Girls wore patterned dresses and white ankle socks. They also wore fancy hats and slip-on shoes.

Everything was over the top and very colourful. On the other hand, boys wore suits, ties and bowler hats. This was the fashion back then. If you were going out for an evening stroll, you would wear your best clothes because you would be going out in public.

Three sisters and a friend visited our school to tell us about their school life at St Thomas More in the 1950s. Their friend was Mr Hartley's daughter who told us all about what she got up to. Most of them enjoyed school and told us a few of their memories such as; sledging down the hill when it was snowy, playing conkers with their friends and the school dinners they had. The four ladies had noticed a lot of changes in the school and all the new safety rules that had been added.

We played games from the 1950s such as marbles, hula hooping and yo yoing and after that we had a party. It was a great day and we will always remember dressing up in clothes from the 1950s.