St Thomas More Catholic

Primary School

Christ is the centre of our School community, where we live, love and learn together

Diamond Jubilee Mass Celebrated by Archbishop Bernard Longley

26 September 2013

As part of the school's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Archbishop Bernard Longley celebrated Mass for the school community, parents, friends, parishioners and past members of pupils, staff and former school governors.

The theme of the Mass was 'Evangelisation' because for the last sixty years the school has been providing a Catholic Education for all the children where 'Christ is the centre of the school community where we live, love and learn together' and we hope that this provision will continue for future generations.

During the Opening Hymn of the Mass based on the School's Mission, children brought up items representing the school's history; an original school tie and school blazer, a prayer book, photographic albums and a whole school photograph of the present school community.

We thanked God for the many blessings that have been received over the last sixty years.

After Holy Communion Jennifer and Thomas acted out our Echo Story based on the Life of Blessed Dominic Barberi which involved the whole school community.

After Mass Archbishop Bernard blessed the new Prayer Garden and then joined us for refreshments. We were honoured to have the Archbishop with us for this special Mass and the memories of this day will live on in our hearts.

Picture 1 Waiting patiently for the Entrance Procession
Picture 2 Archbishop Bernard receiving memory books
Picture 3 Reading the introduction to our Mass thanking God
Picture 4 The First Reading.
Picture 5 'Yahweh is the God of my salvation'
Picture 6 Mr O'Toole reading the Second Reading
Picture 7 We prayed for our Pope Francis, Archbishop Bernard
Picture 8 Archbishop Bernard receiving the Offertory Gifts.
Picture 9 Acting out our Echo Story.
Picture 10 The story is based on the life of Blessed Dominic
Picture 11 Our Echo Story finished with 'This is the Faith,
Picture 12 Archbishop Bernard blesses our new Prayer Garden
Picture 13 School Governors past and present
Picture 14 Members of staff sharing a walk down memory lane
Picture 15 The cutting of the Jubilee Cake.
Picture 16 Our special cake for the occasion.
Picture 17 Presenting thank you letters to the Archbishop.
Picture 18 Archbishop Bernard talking to the Year 1 children.
Picture 19 One of our pupils talking to the Archbishop
Picture 20 Archbishop Bernard looking at our Year of Faith