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Easter Egg Hunt

11 April 2014

There was an air of excitement in our school as we awaited our Easter Egg Hunt.

The children in Reception found bunny paw prints leading to their playground where the Easter bunny had hidden lots of eggs for them to find. Everyone had great fun running all over looking for the eggs, it didn't take long with so many helpers soon all the eggs were returned to the duck's basket. She was very happy and gave each child a special chocolate egg.

After break time the children in Key Stage One found lots of paw prints leading from their classrooms to the main hall, where a challenge had been left for them. Each class was given two colours and had to find eggs in that colour. Again with so many helpers it didn't take long to find the eggs, the last one was the hardest it was in the hall, hidden but not forgotten!

The next part of the challenge was to complete the Easter phrase using the clues in the eggs.

"This is the day that was made by the Lord."

The children in Phase 3 4 were all very eager when it was their turn to go on the hunt for eggs.

"Are not our hearts burning within us," was their Easter message. For all their hard work they had also been left chocolate eggs.

Finally it was Years 5 and 6 turn to find the eggs and solve the clues. This was done in record time. The phrase was solved with just 3 letters, W, E, A.

"We are Easter people, Alleluia is our song."

A new challenge was then set, the classes were split into groups, and had to sing the phrase, only the best would get the eggs! It was lovely to hear all the children sing the Easter hymn and they all received a chocolate egg for their efforts.

The children thanked the PTA for organising this wonderful event.