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From Pharaoh to Freedom

22 and 23 March 2016

Moses said to the people, "Remember this day, the day you left Egypt. Celebrate this festival at the appointed time each Year" Exodus 13: 3 & 11

The children in Phase 3 and 4 performed their Easter Production 'From Pharaoh to Freedom' on the evening of 22nd March and the afternoon of the 23rd March to appreciative audiences.

The production provided a thought provoking and fitting preparation for Easter.

Our story starts with the Rosen family preparing their Passover meal, the family begin to explain the importance of the different foods and rituals only to be taken back in time to become Israelites slaves.

The three key events take us through the ages, explaining the different events that lead to the Crucifixion of Jesus. The three stories told throughout the production have taught us about the origins of the Passover in Israel and how the Israelites were led by a reluctant Moses, who thought that he was not good enough to lead the people to freedom; Jesus celebrating the Passover (Last Supper) before dying for us on the cross. Our story ended with the representation of a current day Jewish family celebrating Passover.

This story has explained the meaning behind the traditions involved in the Passover such as the different foods on the Seder Plate and why Israel and freedom are so important to Jewish people. Through this story the children have been immersed into understanding the struggles that the Israelites had to go through and how their faith brought them through highlighting how God will always look after us and be there for us.

The performance was a delight to watch, the children had put a great deal of work into it, as had the staff working with them. They all acted and sang beautifully, our thanks go to Sister Susan for accompanying the children. Everyone has worked very hard to make the production such a great success. We had a wonderful evening and afternoon performed with passion and professionalism. Well done Phase 3-4.