St Thomas More Catholic

Primary School

Christ is the centre of our School community, where we live, love and learn together

Global Dimension Week

24 to 28 June 2013

During this week, the whole school community took part in a range of workshops, visits to places of worship and celebrations to learn more about our own faith and other religions.

Our focus was on:

  • Knowing that other faith communities have significant celebrations and a variety of forms of prayer.
  • The Christian values which inform love of neighbour and oneself shows ways in which care for others is important for other faith communities.
  • That other faith communities have codes of behaviour based on their beliefs.
  • That other faith communities have writings which are sacred to them.

In Foundation and Key Stage 1 the focus was:

  • Reception and Year 1 – Exploring a Catholic Church – St Thomas More.
  • Year 2 – Exploring a Christian Place of Worship. The children went to St Giles Church and compared it to our own Church St Thomas More.

During this week the children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 also learnt about festivals celebrated by other faith communities. Some of the festivals the children learnt about included: Divali, Holi and Hanukah.

In Key Stage 2 each year group focused on a different religion:

  • Year 3 - Hinduism – The children enjoyed their visit to the Hindu temple in Tividale.
  • Year 4 - Judaism - The children enjoyed their visit to Singer's Hill Synagogue.
  • Year 5 - Sikhism – The children enjoyed their visit to Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Birmingham.
  • Year 6 - Islam – The children enjoyed their visit to the Islamic Experience Exhibition, Small Heath Birmingham.


Early Years and Key Stage 1

In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 the children learnt about the festivals of Divali and Holi. They enjoyed taking part in lots of fun activities from making their own divas, barfi sweets and Rangoli patterns to celebrate Divali. The children enjoyed the colourful activities to celebrate Holi from throwing powder paints, making colourful gloop and making lots of colourful work. Everyone had lots of fun working together and sharing their ideas to celebrate these festivals.

Year 3

On Wednesday 26th June, Year 3 were fortunate enough to visit a beautiful Hindu temple in Tividale.

We were given a guided tour by Vikram, he told us about all the deities and the Hindu belief that god can be thought of in many ways. Brahma is the creator god who Hindus see in every living thing. We visited several shrines, shared in the Puja (Hindu worship) and finished with a meal, the prashad.

It was a beautiful day and a chance to support our learning about respecting other faiths which is the focus of our Global Dimension week.

Year 4

As part of Global Dimension week Year 4 had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Jewish place of worship, a synagogue. They were very excited and really enjoyed experiencing some of the Jewish traditions.

Firstly Year 4 went into the meeting room where they could see some of the traditional artefacts they had been learning about such as the Ark, Torah and Mezuzah.

We then had a tour of the temple and even tried on some traditional Jewish clothing including the Tallit and the Kippur.

This was a very special experience which everyone really enjoyed.

Year 5

As part of Global Dimension Week Year 5, have been learning about the Sikh faith. We were very fortunate in that we were able to visit the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Birmingham on the 2nd July 2013. During the visit we learnt about the Sikh religion and were able to sample traditional Langar (Sikh food).

The children were very enthusiastic, it was a truly inspiring day.

Year 6

When Year 6 went to the Islamic Exhibition on the 27th June 1013 we had lots of fun learning about the Muslims faith.

First we were put into groups and were sent around the Exhibition. We learnt about many interesting things such as the layout of a mosque which can hold over 100,000 people! We learnt many things about the Muslim faith and their history.

Next we went and heard about the life of a Muslim and the rules that they have to follow and we were given the opportunity to try on Muslim clothes.

Finally we went to the writing area and we saw how to write our names in Islam and importantly we were able to ask questions.

It was a wonderful trip because we were able to find out about the important things in another religion.