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Primary School

Christ is the centre of our School community, where we live, love and learn together

Global Dimension Week

18 to 22 June 2012

During this week, the whole school community took part in a range of workshops, visits to places of worship and celebrations to learn more about our own faith and other religions.

Our focus was on:

  • Knowing that other faith communities have significant celebrations and a variety of forms of prayer.
  • The Christian values which inform love of neighbour and oneself shows ways in which care for others is important for other faith communities.
  • That other faith communities have codes of behaviour based on their beliefs.
  • That other faith communities have writings which are sacred to them.

In Foundation and Key Stage 1 the focus was:

  • Reception and Year 1 – Exploring a Catholic Church – St Thomas More.
  • Year 2 – Exploring a Christian Place of Worship – St Giles Church and comparing it to our own St Thomas More.

During this week the children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One also learnt about festivals celebrated by other faith communities. Some of the festivals the children learnt about included: Divali, Holi and Hanukah.

In Key Stage 2 each year group focused on a different religion:

  • Year 3 - Hinduism – The children enjoyed their visit to the Shree Hindu Temple.
  • Year 4 - Judaism - The children enjoyed their visit to Singer's Hill Synagogue.
  • Year 5 - Sikhism – The children enjoyed their visit to Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Birmingham.
  • Year 6 - Islam – The children enjoyed their visit to the Islamic Experience Exhibition.


Foundation Stage

As part of our Global Dimension Week we enjoyed learning all about the festivals of Divali and Holi. The children enjoyed retelling the story of Divali using puppets and artefacts and made chocolate Divali lamps. When exploring the festival of Holi the children had the opportunity to experiment with lots of different colours by mixing and painting. They produced some beautiful colourful work.

Key Stage 1

The Key Stage 1 children thoroughly enjoyed learning about different religions. They had the opportunity to learn about the Hindu Festival, Holi which is also known as the Festival of Colour. The children painted colourful pictures, designed Hindu patterns and made their own story books.


We also learnt about the Jewish Festival Hanukah and compared it to our own celebration of Christmas. The children enjoyed learning about the Menorah and what it symbolises.

The year 2 children visited the local Church Saint Giles and compared it to our own Church Saint Thomas More. We had a very interesting week!


Year 3 trip to Shree Krishna Temple

During Global Dimension Year 3 learnt about Hinduism and to support our learning in school the children visit to the Shree Krishna Hindu Temple in Leamington. The children spent the morning touring the temple and learning about the different deities and about Hindu methods of praying.

Mr Tara, the guide at the Hindu Temple gave the children the opportunity to ask questions about the Hindu religion. The children found the day most enjoyable.

Year 4 visit Singers Hill Synagogue

As part of our work on Judaism, during our Global Dimension week, the children from year 4 visited Singers Hill Synagogue in Birmingham City Centre.


Marina was our Tour Guide and she was very knowledgeable about her faith and the synagogue. During our tour, we saw the children's prayer room, the main prayer room, the Ark, the Everlasting Light and the baloney prayer area.


The children had the opportunities to wear a Kippah and a Tallit and they looked at copies of the Torah scrolls - we were all fascinated at how ornate the Torah covers were! In addition, the children looked at the Jewish prayer books and tried to understand some of the Hebrew writing, finding out that Hebrew books are written from the back to the front and from right to left. This is because it was easier to write in that way when they had to carve their writing into stone.


What a great day!

Year 5 learn about the Sikh Faith

In Global Dimension Week, Year 5 learnt about the Sikh faith. During the week we found out how this relatively young faith started and about the ten gurus who helped develop the religion. After we also learnt about the 5ks.

At the end of week we had the opportunity to visit the largest Gurdwara in the United Kingdom. Here we discovered more about the religion before experiencing the generosity of the faith by taking part in meal, called langar.

Year 6 Focus on Islam

During Global Dimension Week, in Year 6 our learning focused on the Islamic faith.

Our Year 6 Classes went on a visit to the Islamic Experience exhibition in Small Heath. We had a fantastic time learning about the Islamic faith and had the opportunity to:


  • Write our names in Arabic.
  • Dress up in traditional Muslim clothing.
  • Look at models of Mosques and how they were laid out.