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Primary School

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Global Dimension Week

18 to 22 June 2007

The children took part in a brilliant week where they celebrated the global dimension and learnt about other religions. Our focus was on:

  • Knowing that other faith communities have significant celebrations and a variety of forms of prayer.
  • The Christian values which inform love of neighbour and oneself shows ways in which care for others is important for other faith communities.
  • That other faith communities have codes of behaviour based on their beliefs.
  • That other faith communities have writings which are sacred to them.

In Foundation and Key Stage One the focus was:

  • Reception and Year 1 - Exploring a Catholic Church - St Thomas More
  • Year 2 - Exploring a Christian Place of Worship - St Giles Church and comparing it to our own Church St Thomas More.

Each year group focused on a different festival:

  • Reception - Divali
  • Year 1 - Hanukah
  • Year 2 - Shabbat

The whole phase celebrated together the Hindu Festival of Holi.

In Key Stage Two each year group focused on a different religions:

  • Year 3 - Hinduism
  • Year 4 - Judaism - The children enjoyed their visit to Birmingham Synagogue
  • Year 5 - Sikhism
  • Year 6 - Islam - Both classes attended the Islamic Exhibition in Small Heath.

On Friday 22nd June 2007 we focused on celebrating our own faith with our School Feast Day. We had a Whole School Celebration of Mass followed by some work in class on the life of St Thomas More. At lunchtime we celebrated by the whole school having a picnic lunch.

In the afternoon we held a 'Thomas More Has Talent Competition'.

Here are a few snippets of information for the year groups:



Reception had lots of fun during Global Dimension Week. The week helped the children to understand that other faith communities have significant celebrations that are important to them. We looked at the celebration of Divali through the exploration of arts, music, food and clothes. The children took part in a Bollywood dancing session with Renna. They also decorated their own Diva and made Chocolate Divas which were very yummy!

Reception also explored our own parish church St Thomas More, to learn more about our own faith. On Friday we celebrated the Feast of St Thomas More by attending mass and learning about his life as a little boy. At lunchtime the whole school took part in a picnic to celebrate this special day.


Year 1

The children found Global Dimension Week thoroughly enjoyable! They had the opportunity to learn about the Hindu festival of 'Holi'. The children made colourful pictures, bookmarks and bracelets. They also had a special party where they had their faces painted. The children had great fun learning how to do Bollywood dancing.

The children demonstrated real enthusiasm when learning about the Jewish festival of 'Hanukka' singing songs, hearing stories and cooking 'Latke'. In addition, the children learnt more about their own faith by visiting St Thomas More church and really looking at the special features of the church.


Year 2

During Global Dimension Week Year 2 had the opportunity to visit and compare two different churches. St Giles is Church of England and the children noticed many differences between this church and their own Catholic church, St Thomas More.

St Giles is about 900 years old and has a graveyard whereas St Thomas More church is a modern church and not built in a traditional style. The children were fascinated to learn about the Leper's Squint. This is a small peephole on the side of St Giles where sick people could watch their Sunday service without offending churchgoers. They also learnt that catholic churches usually display a crucifix where Church of England churches have a plain cross.


Year 6

We thought we already knew lots about the lives and faith of Muslim people, but we were fascinated by the information we learnt at the Islamic Exhibition. We travelled there by bus and were made very welcome. The exhibition explains about the history of the Islamic religion and about many of the customs and traditions that the Muslim people take part in. We enjoyed looking at the models of a mosque and dressing up in traditional Muslim clothing.