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Hilton Chef Michael Visits Year 4

7 November 2016

Chef Michael entered the classroom to take Year 4 on a gastrological trip to tantalise taste-buds and inspire the culinary imagination of the children. As part of the topic Burps, Bubbles and Bile we are looking at digestive systems of humans and other animals.

Michael began the session by showing us how our stomachs digest cereal and how important it is to eat a good healthy breakfast every day. Using water to represent the gastric acids, he poured muesli into the container to show how the energy from the food is released slowly throughout the morning.

After explaining how natural oils are absorbed into our systems, Michael helped the children to make salads using fresh vegetables, fruits, pasta and rice. The ingredients were all chopped and put into the bowls for the children to mix and dish up.

Oranges with pasta and mayonnaise appeared to be a big hit with some children whilst others preferred rice with peppers and tomatoes or even fresh beans with tomatoes (a tasty alternative to a tin of baked beans). One group chose quinoa, which is a delicious alternative to pasta and rice as it is wheat free. To the quinoa, the children added raspberries and blackberries.

Before leaving, Michael brought out an ox tongue. The children ere totally amazed by the texture and look of the tongue, which some children unaware of the fact that many dishes can be cooked using tongue. The sharp, prickly texture caused quite a stir as the children learnt about how the cow twists and cuts the grass to eat.

A great afternoon was had by all, including Michael, to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude. We have all thoroughly the time spent exploring the foods and asking questions about being a chef at the Hilton Hotel. Some children were so inspired that they have suggested that they too would like to cook fabulous food for famous people.

Thank you Michael and the Hilton Hotel.