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Jerusalem Joy

26 and 27 March 2018

The children in Lower Key Stage 2 have taken us on the incredible journey through Jesus’ passion and pain as they performed their Easter Production ‘Jerusalem Joy’ on the evening of 26th March and the afternoon of the 27th March to appreciative audiences.

Starting with Jesus’ triumphant arrival in Jerusalem, the children sang with enthusiasm and joy as they waved palms and shared the celebrations of this joyful occasion. We continued on to the only time that Jesus is seen to become angry as he expelled the traders and money changers from the high temple. Later, we were witnesses to the confusion and betrayal by Judas as he joined with the Pharisees plot to destroy Jesus.

The solemnity of the Last Supper was exquisitely portrayed by the disciples, who sang beautifully to enable us to understand how wonderful an experience it was to be feasting with Jesus.

From there, we gathered in the Garden of Gethsemane, here the children took us on the agonising journey through Jesus’ passion, pain and sorrow. We learned how Pontius Pilate questioned Jesus and attempted to release himself of the guilt of accusation by washing his hands of the situation before handing Jesus over to be crucified, based on the opinion of the crowd.

We heard the servant girl’s revelation, and saw how Peter denied Jesus, just as Jesus had said at the Last Supper. These scenes beautifully performed by our talented solo singers.

Then we came to the time of Jesus 'death. Eyes looking towards heaven, the voice of forgiveness, portrayed eloquently by our soloist. The beautiful choral sound of the angelic voices filled the room with a great depth of emotion. Fortunately for all of us; the story doesn’t end there. When Mary and Mary go to the tomb, in the words the children sang out with such enthusiasm, “He’s not here, for he is risen, we are very glad to say.”

The production provided a thought provoking and fitting preparation for Easter. We had a wonderful evening and morning performed with passion and professionalism. We are so grateful to Sister Susan for all that she does for us. Thank you for all of your support and thank you to the children for sharing this amazing story so enthusiastically.

Well done Phase 3-4.