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Keeping Safe Week

November 2013

This year pupils at St Thomas More were fortunate to be able to take part in a lots of different activities designed to improve their safety awareness and response in the case of an emergency.

Throughout the week all year groups also completed activities around bullying and how to prevent it.


Early Years Foundation Stage

During Keeping Safe Week, Reception discussed keeping safe outside, the different people who help us in the community and about the importance of being a good friend.

We talked about what makes a good friend and who we enjoy playing with. Throughout the week we discussed what to do if someone makes them feel sad. They enjoyed making cards and painting pictures of their friends.

We enjoyed a visit from Firefighter Neil who showed us around the fire engine.

Key Stage 1

During Keeping Safe Week, Key Stage 1 discussed the issues of bullying, the Green Cross Code, and keeping safe in the street.

In our classes, we explored the issue of bullying. By sharing ideas and reading stories, we understood the meaning of bullying and thought of ways to stop it from happening in class and in the playground. We produced posters to help prevent bullying from taking place at school.

In Year 2, we displayed the posters in class to remind children how to deal with issues in the playground. Children also supported anti-bullying week by purchasing and wearing the blue anti- bullying bands.

To help children cross the road sensibly and safely, we learnt and practised the rules of the Green Cross Code. Children understood that they should use their senses of sight and hearing to ensure they cross roads without encountering danger.

At the end of the week Key Stage 1 received a visit from the local Police. Year 1 and 2 listened attentively to the advice given and understood that if they encounter problems on the street they should approach a police officer. The policeman also explained the issues surrounding 'Stranger Danger'.

Children were already very aware how to respond to strangers in the street, but were reminded how to deal with any possible problems they may face.

Phase 3/4

Phase 3/4 learnt a lot about staying safe. During this week the Anti-Bullying Policy was reviewed and the children's perceptions and opinions were surveyed.

We worked in the ICT suit and discussed the dangers of Cyber-bullying and children had the opportunity to enter an external competition to warn their peers about this very really danger in our society.

Dangers of a more material nature were discussed a police visit with Year 3, 'Who is a stranger?' Children were advised about who strangers are and who they can trust in different situations such in shopping centres, when they're on holiday.

The danger of fire, was the subject of the visit to year 4. The Blue Watch fireman visited from Sheldon Fire station to share safety advise. We saw how quickly a fire can get out of hand and then Miss Cosgrove was dressed in the full protective uniform. It was really heavy and really hot! As a follow up children had activity booklets further emphasising the message of 'Stop, Drop, Roll' and to always exit a scene where fire is present.

Year 5

Year 5 had the opportunity to take part in lots of interesting activities as part of our Keeping Safe Week.

Fire officers from Sheldon Fire Station visited and spoke about what to do in the event of a fire. Pupils found out lots of interesting facts about how to keeping safe including the importance of having an escape plan to follow in case of a fire which involves everyone in the home practising.

St John's Ambulance completed workshops where pupils learnt about what to do in an emergency and DR ABC. After they practices first aid on their partner including reducing blood flow and bandaging different body parts.

Throughout the week a range of activities were completed on anti-bullying. These included identifying what bullying is and how to respond to incidents which may be bullying related.

First Aid

St John's Ambulance came to talk to us, in our school, about keeping safe when it comes to First Aid disasters. They talked to us about how we can keep safe when it is most important. Some of the things we learnt were very important; it may help us save someone's life. Did you ever realise that if you save someone's life, you can make a big difference to the nation?

Our guides, Chris and Susan, were very helpful and we learnt a lot of life-saving tips. Here are a few things we learnt: how to wrap a bandage around someone, how to save someone from choking, how to help them when they are unconscious and we also learnt CPR if needed one day. We got into partners and acted out what we would have to do if someone was unconscious. Firstly, we would have to place two fingers under their chin and lift their head up, we then look at their chest to see if their breathing and/or put our ear against their chest to check if they're breathing.

CPR is very important when it comes to saving someone's life . It is very simple to learn, as you only have to put one hand over the other and press down hard on their chest. We do this 30 times, and then do 2 breaths of life over their mouth. You keep doing this over and over again for 5 times, and wait until the patient recovers. If the patient then wakes up, wait until an ambulance comes and keep them talking.

If you find a patient bleeding, the best thing to do is to find a clean, non-used bandage. There are some steps to follow on how to apply a bandage on to the place where the person is bleeding. However, before the bandage is put on, you ask the patient to put pressure on the place of the bleeding, and control the blood from spreading. If you don't put the bandage on properly the blood will not be controlled, quickly change the bandage before it spreads. Next, lay the patient on to the floor, and put their legs high in the air, so that all the blood will travel down to their heads.

Overall, we think that the visit from St. John's Ambulance was very impressive and we learnt a lot of skills to save someone's life. The three hour course, was very interesting and if we were to recommend it to anyone, we would give it 10/10.

Report by Elsa, Anna and Jennifer