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Lifeguards' Visit

8 April 2008

When the two lifeguards visited our school, they spoke to the children about the perilous dangers of the sea. They showed us the interesting suits they have to wear when they are on duty which the children then dressed up in. Lots of fun was had putting on the capes and hats and then the children pretended to save people with the lifeguard equipment.

The children learnt about the meaning of the flags on the beaches and the importance of obeying them when on holiday: a chequered black and white marks the area for surfers; a yellow and red flag tells swimmers it is safe to swim and a bright red flag mean danger – do not go in the sea!

Afterwards, the children had a fun activity to complete where they had to perform lots of different movements, when the lifeguard called out a word like 'danger' or 'surfer' or 'all swimmers'. After a tiring ten minutes, they then went outside to explore a lifeboat.

Finally, the fun came to an end and the children thanked the two lifeguards for giving us all a good understanding of the sea and its dangers.