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Maths and Science Week

November 2010

Each year, we hold a special focus week for maths and science. This year our focus was on Eco-school as we are hoping to gain an eco-school award.

The children were given the task of investigating three areas of environmental science in school: waste management, water consumption and energy consumption. The children then investigated their findings using lots of different mathematics. In addition, some children also went on extra curricular visits to investigate maths in a real world context.

Phase 1/2 investigated water consumption in school. They surveyed how many dripping taps there were in school and how much water was being consumed through our chilled water coolers. Lots of super maths and science work was completed along with some water poetry.

Pouring and falling onto my umbrella
Jiggle and jaggling in the air,
Dripping onto my waterproof coat.
Dripping loudly, louder than a thunderstorm.
Moving side to side on my window.
Raindrops coming from the sky to the ground.
Daning merrily onto the ground.
Falling around my body.

Phase 3/4 have been investigating waste. They explored paper waste, lunch-time waste and pencil waste. They were shocked to find out that they had wasted 44 pencils during the term and calculated that if they continued to sharpen so much, they would waste 264 pencils in one year!

They found out many interesting things about paper consumption in school:


  • We use 40 boxes of paper every half term. That is 2500 sheets of paper in 6 weeks.
  • We spend £3000 on printing paper every year.
  • There are 108 display boards around school that all contain various amounts of paper. Some work is even backed 3 times.

After discussing the difference between using and wasting, the children came to the conclusion that some paper could be saved by:

  • Photocopying back to back.
  • Using less worksheets.
  • Emailing copies of newsletters and letters to parents.

Year 5 learnt about how our school uses energy. They read the schools gas and electric meters and analysed the schools energy bills. In addition, the children monitored the daily temperature in all the rooms in school to find out whether radiator could be turned down. They found out that many computer monitors and lights were left on when they did not need to be, such as break and lunchtimes.

Visit to HSBC Bank - 8 November 2010

As part of our maths and science week a group of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils visited the Solihull Branch of HSBC bank. Our guide for the visit was Sandra who runs our school bank.

The children were all very excited to get the opportunity to see maths at work in a real context. Sandra had organised a quiz for the children to complete and a special visit into the bank vault! We had never seen that much money and even got the opportunity to hold it!

Visit to Iceland - 9 November 2010

On Wednesday 9th November 2010, a group of children from Key Stage 1, with Mrs Rowles and Mrs Maher, visited Iceland in Sheldon. This trip was organised as part Maths and Science week.

When we arrived in Iceland it was very busy. We looked at the prices on the biscuits and sweets. We learnt to read the prices and to recognise the pound sign and the decimal point. Then we looked at the special offers in the baskets. We found out that if you bought one bottle of tomato ketchup it cost £1.50 but it only cost £2.00 for two bottles.

The lady in the shop called Anne Marie took us into the back of the shop and into the office. We watched the people in the shop on security cameras. Then we went to the room with the safe in. We looked at lots of different coins and held a bag of £500 in coins .It was very heavy! We found out that paper money was much lighter.

Next we looked in the warehouse where all the food is stored before it goes on the shelves. After that we went to the tills and all had a turn of serving the customers whilst some of us packed away the shopping. The staff were wonderful. Finally the kind manager gave us some gold coins.

We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed our trip.