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Maths and Science Week

July 2009

All the children and staff enjoyed taking part in the various activities during our Maths and Science Week. Here are some write-ups from across the school.



Reception had lots of fun this week looking for minibeasts in the Outdoor Area. They found wriggly worms, ladybirds, slugs, ants and spiders. The children enjoyed learning all about the different habitats.

They collected the minibeasts in special containers and brought them into the classroom to observe very closely. We had to be very careful that they did not escape!

The children recorded how many different legs and wings they had. They completed a tally chart of all the different minibeasts they found in the Outdoor Area and School Garden.

The children enjoyed learning doubles up to ten using spots on the ladybirds. It was a great Minibeast hunt!

Years 1 and 2

Years 1 and 2 explored minibeasts during Maths and Science week. We had to explore the different places where we could find minibeasts and counted the different minibeasts we spotted. We completed different charts and tables to show our results.

We also labelled different parts of an insect and using books, we looked at the differences between insects and minibeasts. We enjoyed learning about this topic and produced some pleasing work on data handling.

Year 3

During Maths and Science Week we looked at different, interesting habitats and colourful plants in the school garden. We went into the garden and sketched a variety of plants and we wrote a description to match.

On Tuesday we measured the temperature of different habitats that we had spotted and compared them using a Venn Diagram. On Wednesday we measured juicy, green leaves and calculated the huge area of each leaf. This information was recorded in a table. On Thursday we produced some leaf rubbings and drew different plants and leaves.

We really enjoyed being a Darwin Explorer.

by Lauryn and Taylor, Year 3

Year 5

During Maths and Science Week Year 5 had lots of fun investigating daisies, learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon and trialing a computer program.

Whilst investigating daisies we learnt about the different types, collected data recording the various amounts in a meter square and presented the information using bar charts.

For our Earth, Sun and Moon topic we learnt about how shadows are formed, how the Earth spins on an axis around the sun and proved that the Earth is round! We measured the length of the shadows every hour over the day and produced a line graph to present our data.

Year 5 had the opportunity to trial a new computer program for the school called Mathletics. We got to compete against schools all over the world using our quick recall of maths facts. We have been in the top 50 schools both in the UK and the worlds several times! Due to the success of this program the school has decided to buy it for everyone!

Year 6

During Maths and Science Week Year 6 children became Darwin Detectives; our task was to design an investigation to find out about the different types of mini-beasts in our local environment. We also had to use our maths skills to present our data effectively. Through literacy we researched different mini-beasts for a non-chronological report.

As a year group we decided to investigate the local park as it provided three types of habitat that we could study; playing field, long grass and woodland. We also decided that we should use different types of bait to attract the widest variety of mini-beasts possible.

The children made traps and located them in the three habitats. Then we left then overnight and went to recover them the following day. Finally we had to interpret our results looking for trends and patterns.

We presented our data in many different ways, choosing that which was most effective for the trend or pattern identified; tables and tallies, bar charts, pie chart, percentages and averages.