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Medieval Day

15 December 2014

On Monday 15th December Phase 3-4 went back in time to experience life in Medieval times.

Pupils had the opportunity to experience first hand what life was like for the rich and poor during this historical period and use primary and secondary sources of information.

A variety of workshops provided pupils with the chance to experience life in a monastic scriptorium, writing with quill pens and decorating illuminated letters. Then as guild members taking the story of the nativity on to the street, improvising and performing sections of the story of Jesus' birth in the style of a Medieval Mystery Mummer.

Some pupils were immediately set to work in the kitchens creating an update on the medieval Christmas delicacy, mince pies,, and we choose, not to burn but to eat a chocolate representation of the mid winter Yule log.

To help establish the atmosphere of a medieval banquet pupils created their own 'Robe Deguisee; elegant headdresses and knights helmets.

The day concluded with a wonderful banquet at which we watched the Mystery plays, shared a medieval dance and sampled our historical Christmas delicacies.

Children were enthusiastic and engaged throughout the day and commented on how wonderful the experience was.