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Mr Harvey's Big Bang Science Show

13 May 2015

Year 5 were given the exciting opportunity of visiting John Henry Newman Catholic College this week to watch 'Mr Harvey's Big Bang Science Show'. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit and were completely mesmerised by the explosive Science that they witnessed.

There were exploding balloons, smoke circles, speedy rockets and much more! Here is what some of the children had to say about the afternoon:

"It was brilliant and it taught me a lot about Science that I didn't know before!", Tom

"It was exciting! When the man made the fire turn different colours, I was surprised because I've never seen anything like that before.", Kya

"I was excited about catching the smoke circles before they disappeared. It was great afternoon!", Harry

"I liked it when the man released the rocket because it was really loud and it made me jump.", Charley-Rose

"It was interesting to watch Mr Harvey make the comet using the dry ice. I wondered if it was really cold.", Lizzie

"Mr Harvey was amazing! I was surprised how much he taught us about Science.", Finley

"I was extremely surprised by how many different elements were used in the experiments, especially potassium.", Thomas

"I really enjoyed watching the fire tornado. It was amazing how he spun the wheel and the fire grew.", Libby-May