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Our Bank Visits Their Bank

20 May 2008

As part of our Excellence in Maths week and to encourage the children to achieve their own economic well-being, the current and future staff of our school bank visited HSBC in Birmingham City Centre.

The children received a warm welcome from Sandra, our liaison banker and Elaine the bank's operations manager. Here's what the children thought of the visit:

"Wow! what a fantastic time we had. We visited our local branch and were able to hold £300,000 altogether!. Unfortunately, we were not able to take it home." - Megan.

"We had a superb time going to HSBC bank. All the staff there were friendly and kind. During our time there we had a tour and completed a quiz, the winners got a prize. The bank also treated us to lunch." - Chloe.

"Wow! You'll never guess what we did. We held £25 00 each in cash. If you don't believe me, check out the pictures for yourself! We were nearly millionaires!" - Hamza.