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Primary School

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Platinum Sing Up Award Celebration

3 July 2012

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School put Birmingham on the map for our excellent singing as we received our Platinum Sing Up Award.

Following the success of achieving our Gold Award on 6th July 2011, we were nominated for a Platinum Award and consequently became the first Platinum School in the region, making us an ambassador school and leaders in quality singing.

We received the following endorsement comments from the Quality and Awards Manager: "Congratulations St Thomas More Catholic Primary School on achieving your Platinum Sing Up Award. This is a strong nomination form demonstrating that you meet most of the platinum criteria very well. You have enthusiasm and expertise as a school and I look forward to hearing how you share this expertise with other schools in the future. As your nominator has said 'the high quality of the singing throughout the school is testament to the work being done by teachers.' You are clearly passionate about singing and the benefits it brings to the school and wider community."

Claire Hollocks, the Sing up Assessor, also complimented us on the links with the local community saying it was the best she had every seen.

Through speaking to different members of the school community and reading thank you cards and letters she explained our school's singing has touched the lives of people within our local community as well as further afield. Claire also commented on the high quality of singing throughout the school and was especially impressed by the children's enjoyment of singing.

We invited Roger Jones, a local well known composer into school to help us celebrate receiving this prestigious award. Roger has written many of the Christmas and Easter Productions that the children perform and many of his songs are used regularly within school and often sung in Church.

Throughout the day each class worked with Roger and his team to learn a new song that would be performed as part of the award ceremony in church later that day.

This fabulous day concluded with the presentation of the Platinum Sing Up Award by Claire Hollocks and Roger Jones.