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Reception RE Workshop

25 June 2010

The focus of the RE Workshop was Prayer. During the introduction a group of Year Six pupils from the Prayer Group spoke to the children and visitors about the importance of prayer and the different forms of prayer. They spoke about all the prayers the children have been learning about in Reception from the Hail Mary, Our Father, Thanksgiving Prayers, Sorry Prayers, Sign of the Cross, Morning Prayers, Grace before Meals etc.

The children were then shown how to make Prayer puppets which focused on Thanksgiving and Sorry Prayers. Everyone enjoyed making their Prayer puppets to take home and share together. At the end of the workshop a Prayer Service was held where the children were given the opportunity to share their thanksgiving prayer using their puppets.


Feedback from Parents/Carers:


  • The workshop was full of fun and inspiring.
  • A very good presentation from the Year 6 girls at the start of the meeting.
  • We both really enjoyed the RE workshop. It was great fun making the Prayer puppets.
  • I will find these cups a benefit as a family to help with prayer in the home.
  • It is a very good idea of bringing prayer into the home.