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Resurrection Rock

31 March 2010

The children in Phase 3/4 gave a very moving performance of Resurrection Rock which touched on the many aspects of Holy Week and Easter; from the sadness of Jesus' death on a cross to the joy of His resurrection.

The children in Year 4 were responsible for the narration, acting and solo singing and they were supported in the singing by the Year 3 children.

Mr Henry the Chair of Governors thanked the children for their wonderful performance and also thanked the staff for their commitment and dedication.

Picture 1 Jesus and his Disciples on the way to Jerusalem.
Picture 2 Jesus giving thanks to God.
Picture 3 Judas betraying Jesus.
Picture 4 Peter denying Jesus.
Picture 5 Jesus in front of Caiaphas, the High Priest.
Picture 6 Pontius Pilate questioning Jesus.
Picture 7 The soldiers preparing Jesus for His crucifixion.
Picture 8 Mary and John at the cross.
Picture 9 A soldier keeping watch at the tomb.
Picture 10 An angel appears to the women
Picture 11 Jesus appears to his disciples.
Picture 12 That's the end of 'Resurrection Rock'.