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Science and Maths Week

14 October 2013

The week beginning 14th October was Science and Maths week at our school.

Our topic was 'Science and Food' and we became real Scientists as we undertook lots of fun experiments and investigations throughout the week.

The week began with a Science Meeting led by the Supreme Science Team. Professor X dazzled us with lots of exciting experiments; the most impressive involved moving a rocket across the hall with the force of air.

The Reception classes took part in many exciting activities based on the book 'The Shopping Basket' by John Burningham. One investigation involved testing which shopping bag is the best for transporting food from the supermarket to our homes.

Across KS1 we investigated how colour affects the taste of apples. We talked about our favourite apples and investigated whether their colour made us change our minds about the taste. When we changed green apples to pink using food colouring, lots of people said they were their favourite even though they tasted exactly the same!

We also designed and tested a package to carry eggs back from the supermarket. We realised that some packages were strong enough to protect the eggs, and those that weren't made the eggs crack.

The children in KS2 undertook a range of different experiments.

Years 3 and 4 investigated which liquids stop apples going mouldy and what side buttered bread lands on when it falls to the floor.

Year 5 made their own sherbet combining different ingredients and 5G went to Archbishop Ilsley school to investigate the energy in foods in a real Science laboratory. Father John talked to the children in Year 5N about how work as a scientist before he became a priest.

Finally, Year 6 tested which environment makes bread go mouldy faster and the differences between Coca Cola and Diet Coca Cola.

These are just some of the many activities we undertook throughout the week. By the end of the week we had learned and used lots of new scientific vocabulary and also became skilled at planning and undertaking fair tests.