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Severn Trent Visitor

7 October 2011

On Friday 7th October, a lady called Hanna from Severn Trent water came into the school to explain how important it is to save water.

First, there was a whole school meeting where Hanna told some interesting facts about water. Did you know that only 1 per cent of the earth's water can be used for drinking?

We talked about what goes into a sewage and the different things that are flushed in to the pipes like fish, fat, oil and nappies. Hanna played some games with the children to discuss whether we are water savers or water wasters. Each child was given a postcard and asked to write down one promise that they would try to keep in order to save water.

Hanna then spent the rest of the morning working with the children in both Year 6 classes. We played a game where we had to move pictures into the right order to create the water cycle. This helped us to revise our knowledge of the water cycle.

Next we played another game where each table had their own family and we had to figure out if our family was a water waster or a water saver.

Soon after this, Hannah talked to us about a chart that we can use to help us save water, she asked us a few questions about how we use water and one of these questions were: Do you keep the tap running when you brush your teeth? Most people said they do, while only a few said they don't.

We now have to investigate how we waste water around the school and working with the school council we will write up an action plan detailing how we can save water instead of wasting it. We had an enjoyable morning and it really made us think about how we can save water both in school and in our homes.

By Lucie and Harry