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Speight of the Art Workshop

17 January 2013

Year 5G had a very special visit from Speight of the Art, an organisation which involves children in art. They work in schools and hospitals, doing workshops for children. It was founded by Oliver Speight, in honour and memory of Mark Speight (a presenter of a TV show called Smart) and all the good work he did.

The art that we did was a self portrait of ourselves. For this we used mirrors and three different chalks. It was led by a talented artist.

The workshop encouraged the class to be creative and brought out their artistic talents. All of us took part in this activity. It helped us use bright, flashy colours, that brought out our facial features.

First we did the head, eyes and nose. In between this time we were each given a Speight of the Art t-shirt. When we went out to break we showed off to our friends. After break we carried on with our portraits. Everybody enjoyed it and had great fun.

"It was much more better than normal lessons, and I wish I could do it again!"

"I liked how the man taught us how to do the ears, mouth, and chin properly."

"I never thought that I could draw before. It was like a lesson, but more fun."