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Speight of the Art

11 June 2015

On Thursday 1th June 2015 all of Year 3-4 discovered the artist hidden inside them as they created beautiful pastel self-portraits inspired by Ollie Jones.

The session was entirely interactive. The children looked in admiration as Ollie displayed his work and shared his talents

"First feel your face. Can you feel your skull? Now trace your eye socket."

And they were off! Selecting three shades of one colour the children began to draw their socket with the darkest shade, then the eye was added. Line by line and shade by shade Ollie scaffolded the children through the process of looking carefully at their reflection and drawing the light and detail of their faces. And their faces were truly lit up! Plenty of smudging on paper hands and some faces; all added to the excitement.

Working with an artist was such a wonderful and stimulating experience. Another fantastic day, thank you to the whole of The Speight of the Art team.

"It was wonderful, we are all artists!"

"Can I take my portrait home, I want to put it on the wall."