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Stations of the Cross

26 March 2015

On Thursday 26th March Year 5 invited family members and parishioners to join them on a journey of prayer and faith. This journey was with Jesus, from condemnation to crucifixion. All of which was done as part of our Lenten Preparation.

Pupils worked extremely hard in small groups to research, plan and reflect on their station. The reflection required the children to grow in their faith by empathising with all of those involved in their station before creating their own artwork and prayers to represent their station.

It was a very prayerful and reverent service which allowed the children to further develop their understanding of the Stations.

Parents commented on how well the children both prayed their stations, and also their obvious understanding of them.

The First Station - Jesus is sentenced to death.
The Second Station - Jesus takes up his cross.
The Third Station - Jesus falls for the first time
The Fourth Station - Jesus meets his mother.
The Fifth Station - Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus
The Sixth Station - Veronica wipes Jesus' face
The Eighth Station - Jesus meets the women
The Tenth Station - Jesus stripped of his clothes
The Eleventh Station - Jesus is nailed to cross
The Thirteenth Station - Jesus is taken down
The Fourteenth Station - Jesus is laid in the tomb
The Fifteenth Station - Jesus is risen