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Stations of the Cross

March 2009

The children in Phase 3/4 prayed the Stations of the Cross which depict Jesus' journey to the cross and focus on his suffering and death.

It was a very moving representation through the use of Scripture, drama, music and poetry and prayer. Everyone who came to this special event was helped in their preparations for Holy week, particularly Good Friday.

Our journey ended with not with Jesus' death but his resurrection.

"He's not here for He is risen
He's not here we're glad to say
He's not here for He is risen
Jesus alive today."

3rd Station - Jesus falls for the first time.
5th Station - Simon helps Jesus to carry his cross
8th Station - Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.
11th Station - Jesus is nailed to the cross.
12th Station - Jesus dies on the cross.
14th Station - Jesus is laid in the tomb.