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Symphony Hall Concert

11 November 2012

Leigh Perry, the Principal from Dorridge Music School in Knowle invited us to sing again in her annual concert held this year on Remembrance Sunday.

We were delighted to accept her invitation and enjoyed learning a range of songs.

Our special moment came when we sang the hymn 'Abide with me' whilst the children held special lights. At the end of the hymn the children processed through the audience carrying their lights, remembering all those who had given their lives for our freedom.

The children were excellent and their presence and their performance will remain in people's hearts for many days to come.

Thank you Leigh for giving us such a wonderful opportunity.

We enjoyed singing from the Choir Stalls.
Last rehearsal.
Excitedly, we leave the Choir Stalls
We are ready for our special moment.
It was great singing Radio Gaa on stage.
Getting ready to sing 'Abide with me'.
'Through cloud and sunshine...'
'O, abide with me'.
Back in the Choir Stalls
Excited children.
The grand finale!