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Victorian School Day

27 April 2010

"Awesome", "Amazing", "The best day ever!" - these are just a few of the many positive comments that pupils made about Year 5's Victorian School Day. From their arrival in school, in authentic looking costumes both pupils and teachers took part enthusiastically.

After lessons in spelling and arithmetic, which were completed on slate boards, boys and girls were split. Girls worked in small groups to make Victorian sponge cakes before learning embroidery; a life skills needed by young girls at the time. Reluctantly, boys had to continue with their Geometry and Science lessons which would help improve their ability to obtain future employment.

Break time was spent taking part in traditional activities such as hopscotch, skipping, rolling hoops and playing marbles.

Throughout the day punishments were strictly enforced with some pupils having to dust and sweep the Deputy Head's office for giggling during hymn practice while others received the cane (pretend caning), on their hands, for not reciting their spellings accurately or for getting a question wrong.

The day concluded with pupils singing the National Anthem before eating the delicious cake that the girls had made.