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Victorian School Day

3 December 2010

In Topic, Year 5 pupils are learning about the Victorians. To bring their learning to life we held a Victorian school day.

Everyone arrived in school in authentic looking costumes and the day started with the ringing of a hand held-bell. After entering school and standing behind seats there was a hand inspection to check that pupils had washed before school. Lessons in spelling and arithmetic were completed on slate boards, before boys and girls were split.

Girls worked in small groups to make Victorian sponge cakes and learn needlework skills while the boys reluctantly had to continue with their Geometry and Science lessons.

Break time was spent taking part in traditional activities such as hopscotch, skipping, rolling hoops and playing marbles.

Pupils and teachers had a fabulous time and thoroughly enjoyed eating the delicious, homemade cake at the end of the day.