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Year 2 at Warwick Castle

20 March 2018

Year 2 took part in an exciting trip to Warwick Castle to develop their understanding and knowledge of Castles.

Pupils had the opportunity to experience first hand what life was like for the rich and poor during this historical period. The pupils could appreciate how hard life would have been for the majority of people who lived at this time but also how a few people lived in a life of luxury.

Following their lessons about castles and life during this time, pupils could see first hand what a Motte and Bailey castle would have looked like and how castles changed and developed over time. Pupils had time to explore Warwick Castle and learn about the families that lived there.

Whilst eating lunch pupils enjoyed a ‘Birds of Prey’ show that taught them about different recreational activities that people enjoyed doing and some of the animals that were kept in a castle such as peacocks, and eagles.

We explored the Horrible Histories maze and we also spent time in the jail.

Children were enthusiastic and engaged throughout the day and commented on how wonderful the experience was.