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Year 2 RE Inspire Workshop

30 April 2010

On Friday the 30th of April excited children gathered together with their parents and friends to take part in an RE Inspire workshop. This time they were making Easter Gardens.

What is an Easter Garden?

In the Bible it tells us that Jesus was crucified on a hilltop, just outside Jerusalem. An Easter Garden is a traditional way of remembering what happened on Good Friday.

There are usually three crosses for Jesus and the two criminals who were crucified and a tomb with a round door, the place where the stone was rolled away when the women came looking for Jesus' body. On Easter Sunday, it is traditional to add flowers to our Easter Garden – a reminder of the new life of spring, and of the new life we believe God gave Jesus and Jesus gives us today.

What a fantastic morning! Children and parents came to school prepared for a spot of light gardening and all their efforts and hard work paid off as design after design, beautiful gardens were produced. Well done to everyone who took part!