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Year 3's Morrisons Visit

18 October 2016

The children in Year 3 enjoyed visiting Morrison's to learn more about Market Street and how the store works. They were warmly invited by Dawn who had previously visited the children at school to learn more about healthy eating, where they had a fun afternoon exploring and tasting the different fruit she had brought.

During the visit to the store the children had the opportunity to taste different cheeses, explore the fruits and vegetables, looking at the price of items and learning about how the food is delivered to the store.

The most exciting part for the children was watching the Fish Monger prepare a Rainbow Trout and exploring the store rooms especially the large fridge. The staff were very kind and provided the children with a snack in the Café and delicious cakes at the bakery.

A child in the class enjoyed being a cashier scanning different items the children were allowed to take from the shelves. It was a very informative and wonderful morning that was enjoyed by all the children and adults.