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Year 4 Creative Solutions Art Project

February 2018

With 'Homelessness' in our minds, Year 4 have embarked on a journey of understanding and discovery with the help of Creative Solutions.

A city of cardboard - as we began the journey of understanding about homelessness, the children have explored how it might feel to sleep out on the streets. Their empathy was developed as they lay on a piece of cardboard whilst as adult walked around the room, steeping over them and walking close to them.

"This was very uncomfortable and must be very scary if you are outside."

"It was very scary, you would not have anyone to care for you if someone hurt you or you became ill."

"It felt like nobody liked me, nobody wanted me."

"Knowing that we can do something to help people makes me feel better, in future I will give food to people that I see on the streets."

At the end of the session, the children had made cardboard shelters, these were place around the hall to represent a city of homeless but also a sign of hope and compassion. The children gained a real understanding about the differences in society. They showed great compassion and love towards others.

During the week, children have explored the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign advert as part of the English Topic. The conversations that arose were inspirational. Children appeared to link the Homeless work with this advert.

"Why is the advert aimed at girls? Shouldn’t we be aiming things at everyone? Don’t we need to include everyone?"

"If we include everyone, then maybe people would feel more loved and then people would help others in need."

"Why can’t we have an advert to help homeless people?"