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Year 4 Prayer Service for Armed Forces Day

22 June 2017

'Be Bold, Be Strong, for the Lord our God is with you.'

Year 4 have come together to learn about and celebrate Armed Forces Day. To help us learn more about Armed Forces Day, we have carried out research using the internet so that we could have a deeper understanding of our Armed Forces. This enabled us to fully appreciate all of the tremendous work these very courageous people do all around the world. The children believe that having the prayer service is a way for them as young people to show their support.

The children wrote the prayer service, with very little adult support. They decided on what should be presented as the Prayer Focus; made the poppies, chose significant words and put it together independently. Every child has written a prayer, these have been collated and made into a prayer book which has been given to Miss Ryan who will pass it onto her sister 'The Cake Lady'.

The children decided that they would set our prayer focus out with the words 'dedication' 'courage' and 'strength ' alongside the crucifix because they believe that those are the values needed by the men and women who serve our country. The poppies represent remembrance, the flag represents our country which the armed forces defend with integrity and honour.

With Sister Susan accompanying us, everyone sang 'Be Bold, Be Brave' although there were other hymns that we could have chosen. For our final hymn we were accompanied by a small selection of our amazing flautists, it was a delight to hear how they have progressed with their musical flair.

This prayer service has helped us to truly appreciate the work that is done to keep us safe. Thank you to the familes who came, we greatly appreciate your support. Thank to the children who have shown their dedication to their faith by putting together this prayer service.

We ask God to bless all of our Armed Forces and keep them in his loving care always. Amen.