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Year 4 Prayer Service for Armed Forces Day

23 June 2016

The young people in Year 4 have joined together to write a prayer service to commemorate Armed Forces Day. They have worked together as a team, with very little input from adults, to put together a beautiful service that was attended by some of our families. It was a delight to see how reverently they carried out the service.

To help us learn more about Armed Forces Day, we have carried out research using the iPads so that we could have a deeper understanding of our Armed Forces. This enabled us to give thanks for all of the tremendous work these very courageous people do all around the world.

We decided that we would set our prayer focus out with the words 'dedication' 'courage' and 'strength ' alongside the crucifix because we believe that those are the values needed by the men and women who serve our country. Grace, Jaden and Finley read our introduction, which paid tribute to the Armed Forces.

With Sister Susan accompanying us, we sang 'Be Bold, Be Brave' - there were several hymns that we could have sang, however as a year group we took a democratic vote to choose the most popular hymn. As we had written our own prayers, we were able to read them out with compassion and understanding.

This prayer service has helped us to truly appreciate the work that is done to keep us safe. We ask God to bless all of our Armed Forces and keep them in his loving care always. Amen.