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Year 4 Visit Singers Hill Synagogue

June 2012

As part of our work on Judaism, during our Global Dimension week, the children from year 4 visited Singers Hill Synagogue in Birmingham City Centre.

Marina was our Tour Guide and she was very knowledgeable about her faith and the synagogue.

During our tour, we saw the children's prayer room, the main prayer room, the Ark, the Everlasting Light and the baloney prayer area. The children had the opportunities to wear a Kippah and a Tallit and they looked at copies of the Torah scrolls - we were all fascinated at how ornate the Torah covers were!

In addition, the children looked at the Jewish prayer books and tried to understand some of the Hebrew writing, finding out that Hebrew books are written from the back to the front and from right to left. This is because it was easier to write in that way when they had to carve their writing into stone.

What a great day!